Backcountry Food

Backcountry Dehydrated Mountain Range Meals

Our dried Mountain Range meals have fueled outdoor adventures around the globe from paddling northern Canadian rivers to biking and hiking in the Himalayas and feeding our kayakers in the South Pacific.

We are excited to now offer backcountry meals online! Contact us directly for bulk dehydrated melas to fuel your adventures.

If you dislike packaging as much as we do and have a family that needs custom portion sizes - try our meals and soups and avoid excess packaging. If you have a favourite that is not on the menu, contact us.

10% discount!

To celebrate our new online store, we are offering our NEW backcountry meals and soups in bulk at a 10% discount.

Stock Up For Summer | Avoid Packaging | Customize For Your Family Appetites

Pre-order by the gram (or KG)! See recommended adult portions in our catalogue.

Included with your purchase: Ingredient list and re-hydration /cooking instructions.

Rice and quinoa sold separately.

See out backcountry food page here.